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If you drive to Mexico, you need Mexico auto insurance coverage.

Many people in AZ and California drive to Mexico for business or to vacation. Unfortunately, a good majority of drivers do not realize the importance of having auto insurance specifically for driving in Mexico. Your U.S. insurance policy is not valid when traveling south of the border. In fact, if you do not have auto insurance and are involved in an accident, you will be taken into custody until Mexican authorities can determine who was at fault. You could face criminal charges and be prevented from leaving the country.

As you can see, it is extremely important to have the right insurance when driving in Mexico. At Bennett and Porter, we can provide you with the necessary Mexico auto insurance that fully protects you while driving across the border. The proper insurance will show Mexican authorities that you are able to pay damages to third parties if there is an accident.

We want you to enjoy your time in Mexico and not have to worry about auto insurance. We have great rates and flexible timetables for cars, RVs, and motorcycles.

Mexico Insurance covers:

  • Collision

    Whether you’re involved in an accident or another event that causes damage to your car or someone else's while in Mexico, the policy will cover vehicle repairs and roadside assistance--allowing you to restore your vehicle and quickly get home safe.

  • Theft

    A stolen vehicle might be the last thing on your mind, but you don’t want to be the one unprepared for a potential theft. In the rare instance your premium car is stolen, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing Bennett & Porter will ensure you’re able to get back home and compensated appropriately.

  • Medical Payments

    Needing medical treatment in a foreign country is never something you anticipate while traveling, but unfortunately, it does happen. Protect yourself and your passengers with comprehensive medical coverage in case of injuries sustained from an accident.

  • Liability

    Mistakes happen, and causing an accident while in Mexico makes you liable for the damages, whether major or minor. Without adequate coverage, you could be responsible for tens of thousands of dollars (or much more) to cover the extent of damage to vehicles, property, or people.

  • Vandalism

    High-end cars can be a target for vandalism in any location. If you’re in a business meeting or relaxing with your family and your vehicle is vandalized, a Mexican auto policy tailored to your needs will cover the cost of repairs, no matter how extensive.

Stay safe in Mexico

Remember, you should NEVER drive in Mexico without car insurance. A vehicle accident in Mexico is considered a criminal and civil affair that could land you in jail and having to pay for damages. If you are planning to drive in Mexico, please give us a call right way.

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