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Do You Want to Keep Top Employees Happy?

Both large and small businesses alike need to be intentional about the benefits they offer their staff. When you provide benefits as part of a competitive total compensation offering, you’re more likely to attract top talent and keep them satisfied. At Bennett & Porter, we pride ourselves on being able to come up with benefits packages that are right for your business while keeping your costs down.

List of Available Benefits

  • Health

    With good health benefits being costly for the average family, any help an employer can provide is extremely helpful and boosts morale. Providing health benefits requires many considerations, and our experienced team can help you choose the perfect offering for your employees.

  • Dental

    Dental benefits are a valuable perk your staff will love. Better dental health contributes to better overall wellness and less missed work days. We can help you find an affordable dental plan that will be a great fit for your business.

  • Vision

    Though it might seem like a non-essential expense, vision coverage is significant to most employees. Even a little extra help in covering the cost of routine exams, glasses, and contacts can make a big difference. A vision care plan is a benefit your staff will appreciate, and ultimately it will pay off many times over. 

  • Life

    Nothing is more valuable than your personnel being able to provide important financial protections for their families if something were to happen to them. As an employer, you can provide affordable life insurance options to provide your workforce and their loved one's peace of mind. We’re here to help you offer excellent life policies for a low cost.

  • Long-Term Care

    Long-term care (LTC) insurance is one of the most overlooked benefits in the market, as it is often assumed employees are young, healthy, and have no need for it. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Planning for the future and preparing for the unexpected is crucial for even young, healthy adults. We can help you determine what kind of LTC benefits you can afford and offer to your staff.

Learn More About Offering Affordable Company Employee Benefits

Bennett & Porter has helped dozens of businesses offer incredible cost-effective benefits to their staff and improve retention rates. Find out more about how we can assist your company in providing better benefits packages today.

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