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“They (thanks especially to Wes Goldstein) went out of their way to help me even though they weren’t going to make any money on a short term policy that no one else would hardly talk to me about. Thanks again!”

“I have worked with Heather and B&P insurance for about 10 years and it has been the best service of any personal business dealings I have experienced. This company is all about customer service and what is best for their clients. Let’s just say its much appreciated time and time again. Thank you!”

“I love Bennett & Porter because I am high maintenance, asking many questions and making changes and they are ALWAYS giving me exceptional customer service.”

“Kyle Graf quoted our policy and saved us over $200 a year. We secured the policy next day. Kyle was informative, professional and timely. Super quick and easy… I just wish we would have called him last year.”

Hands down the best insurance guys out there. My girlfriend and I use them for our cars and our house. They will actually dig deep in to whatever situation that you have and find you the best options. Stand up guys!”

“Would like to say that Bennett & Porter Insurance is like Family!!! And Matt Fleming is like my “big brother”, always looking out for me. He’s constantly shopping for the best rates on the market to fit my needs! Couldn’t have a better professional looking out for me and my toys!!!. Keep up the great work!”

“I love Bennett and Porter Insurance because they have great service and really do rind the best insurance for your needs and at a great rate. Thank you Kyle for handling all my needs and for being friendly, courteous, and professional.”

“I love Bennett & Porter Insurance because they saved me over a $1000 annually. My car insurance payment was literally cut in half. They helped me in a time when I really needed it.”

“Thanks to Tricia Meeks! She’s a great reflection on your company. She is always quick to respond to my questions, and she found a new auto policy that saved me over $300 a year! Love it!”

“Just wanted to tell you that I adore your company. Kyle Graf is the best insurance agent I have ever had. He is hands on and takes such good care of our accounts. Thank you Bennett and Porter for hiring the best in the industry.”

The service is impeccable! Anytime we email or call with a service to be preformed such as a certificate of liability, or with a problem it is taken care of right away… Honesty, integrity, and great service, if that’s what your looking for that’s exactly what you’ll find at Bennett and Porter! Thank you Bret [Godsey] and everyone that makes Bennett and Porter the best!